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Do you love challenges? Do you want to draw even more performance out of you and your bike? Does your cumulative elevation display almost explode each time that you and your bike ride through the landscape? Do you feel that you’ve reached the end of your level but that there’s still room for improvement? Then raise your biking ability up to the next level. Whatever the case, you’ll find enough options with Mountain Bike Holidays.

Whether you're looking for challenging trails or want to improve your biking ability with a guide – the choice is yours: discover the diverse mountain biking world in Austria, Italy and Slovenia!

Trail in Sexten

Shred mode "on": discover trails that rise to the occasion

Whether you prefer racing downhill on prepared trails or you’re more the type of person that enjoys interlocked natural trails you’ll find both in our MTB regions. Often even in the same destination. So you’ll find enough variety and the challenges you seek. Or perhaps you want to discover new, less frequented trails?

Our tip: Book a guide and let the locals plan your routes so that, while on the trail, you can fully concentrate on the next root mat or rock garden.


Triglav Nationalpark in Bled

Make use of the secret tips from our bike experts

You can (almost) plan your holiday down to the smallest detail, but from up high the world can often look very different than on a map or computer screen. When you’re standing on new terrain on the trail for the first time, unexpected question marks can suddenly appear.

The solution: Take a guide who knows the region better than the inside of his biking rucksack. Now you have an even better hand when it comes to enjoying the new surroundings to the full.

Particularly useful: Even true biking veterans like to have a bit of information about the trail in advance. In particular, the guide can inform you in advance about difficult passages so that you’re prepared for them. And if a passage becomes a bit too tricky, you can discuss with the guide in detail how to tackle it safely.

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Quickly find what you’re looking for: the signature trails are your guide to the best trails

The Signature Trails are almost like a free guide: here you’ll find all the trails in the Mountain Bike Holidays region in an overview map. Choose the difficulty level or other criteria that are important to you on your holiday: sort them by region, trail art or number of metres that you want to cover.

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Discover the best hotels and accommodation providers

Do you want to spend as much time on the trail as possible and only need a hotel as a place to sleep? Or would you rather have an all-round carefree package where you don’t have to worry about anything? Do you perhaps want to visit the spa after a tour or put your feet up on the sun terrace while enjoying a beer? Whatever you prefer, the Mountain Bike Holidays hotels offer you and your bike so much more than just a roof over your head.

The services include:

  • Guided bike tours with trained guides, including biking tips and insider information
  • Equipment advice and rental
  • Trail training and coaching on biking technique
  • Repair and washing services
  • GPS advice and device rental

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