Stoneman Arduenna Ground yourself – escape from constriction, escape from daily life

Stoneman Arduenna

Recharge your batteries on your bike. You know exactly when you need to do that. The Stoneman Arduenna is waiting for you – with its unspoilt forests, incredible expanses that go up to the sky and the French “savoir-vivre” of East Belgium. Come outside. Find yourself.

The picturesque woody mountains of the Walloon Region in Belgium are like an invitation: experience nature close up and dive into a landscape that’s made for mountain bikers. Natural trails through dense forests, breathtaking climbs up to lush pastures, past impressive upland moors. You’ll pass by numerous silent witnesses to the past – as diverse as the many streams and lakes along the Stoneman Arduenna. Experience East Belgium from its most beautiful side: at 176 km and an altitude difference of 3,900 metres you can gather new strength from the wonderful experiences and unique adventures.

Eight checkpoints – countless impressions

The checkpoints mark your milestones and take you across the balanced stages of the Stoneman Arduenna. As well as picturesque landscapes and trails, you’ll also find numerous cultural highlights. The Reuland castle ruin, for example, is symbolic of the region’s former power and offers wonderful views.

Stoneman Arduenna

Set your own standard and get your stone

There’s no competition stress. You set your own standard on the Stoneman: your choice of how to divide the stages, your performance, your mountain bike experience.

If you conquer the route on one day, you can claim the gold Stoneman trophy. If you complete it over the course of two or three days, you’ll have earned the silver or bronze trophy. Above all, it’s about you enjoying a breathtaking experience.

Stoneman Arduenna season 2024: April 13 to September 15, 2024
You can register at any time!

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