Trans Bayerwald adventure Challenging, wild, magnificent views, green!

Trans Bayerwald

The Trans Bayerwald is a mountain bike tour that takes you through the Bavarian Forest between Furth im Wald and Passau, along a total of 700 kilometres and with an altitude difference of 17,000 metres. The Trans Bayerwald is a physically challenging tour, an experience in unspoilt nature, a biking adventure in the cultural and natural landscape of the Bavarian Forest.

The tour can be tackled on a north and south route that each have 7 stages. The Trans Bayerwald is not the Bavarian equivalent of the Transalp. It’s a unique tour with its own individual character and wild sections. The route is shaped by the forest, the special people you’ll meet along the way and the many exciting aspects that appeal to explorers, active bikers and those in search of relaxation.

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Trans Bayerwald

South route Bike park and steep ascents – 345 km, altitude difference of 8,300 metres

The south route is characterised by moderate but also sporty ascents, magnificent panoramic views and challenging single trails. The route takes you from the Dragon City of Furth im Wald to Passau, the City of Three Rivers, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the old town and nearby Austria from the Veste Oberhaus. The course of the tour is determined by the Danube ridge, which is the name given to the mountain chain that emerges to the east of the Danube. Views such as those from the Reiseck viewing point in the valley with Furth, the Drachensee lake and the border ridge with the Czech Republic in the background can be enjoyed on the south route. Ascents are rewarded with extensive views of the Danube plain or the continuous chains of green hills to the east. Constant ups and downs and the combination of trails, gravel paths and interesting towns add a sense of excitement.

There’s a balanced mix of activity, adventure, culture and relaxation – the route is lined with castle ruins, monasteries, and historical villages and towns; swimming lakes such as the one in Neubäu invite you to dive into the cool water. Near Sankt Englmar the uphill climbs become longer and the distant views of the Alps are clearer. The Trans Bayerwald takes you past Predigtstuhl and Hirschenstein towards Bernried, over the steep slopes of the Grafling Valley, into the Rusel region between Deggendorf and Bischofsmais and to the Geißkopf. Here you’ll also find the MTB ZONE Bikepark Bischofsmais, Germany’s oldest bike park. You then continue via Eging am See and more spectacular panoramic mountains (e.g. the Büchelstein and Brotjacklriegel) before reaching Passau.

North route Natural pleasure, unspoiled nature and calm – 366 km, an altitude difference of 8,350 metres

The north route is characterised by the border ridge from the Bavarian Forest, Germany’s oldest National Park, to the Bohemian Forest. Trans Bayerwald bikers will find unspoiled nature, wilderness and calm. An extensive, gently hilly landscape, viewpoints and historical hamlets provide a moderately challenging ascent before you get to the impressive sections of the north route. A mythically seeming craggy backdrop is revealed on the 1,333 metre Dreisessel. With views of the impressive summit of the legendary Lusen you’ll reach Finsterau with the open-air museum, which maintains old farmhouses from throughout the region in their original condition.

The extensive, species-rich wildlife areas in the National Park centre near Neuschönau reveals unique insights into the flora and fauna of the Bavarian Forest. The pinnacle of the tour is the Great Arber, the highest peak in the Bavarian Forest. Going through the Weißen Regen valley you’ll come to the Lamer Winkel and then, framed by Osser and Hohenbogen, back to Furth im Wald. The Furth dragon is the world’s largest four-legged walking robot and is even mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

Good to know

You can request the free starter pack for the Trans Bayerwald adventure with lots of information and tips by sending an e-mail to: Further information can be found at

Reparaturstationen am Weg
  • The starter pack contains a trip diary for the Trans Bayerwald. You can use it for recording your thoughts and experiences, and there is also a map on the last page for collecting stamps. Simply collect stamps from the hosts or shops in the stage locations, take a photo and send it to All submissions will receive a multi-purpose scarf and tag as a memento. It’s not about how many stamps you collect but simply the experience itself.
  • Along the route are 16 repair and service stations for on-site repairs.
  • You’ll find lots of tips, information and map material on the individual stages at You’ll also find details of the Trans Bayerwald hosts as well as short tours and day tours on the Trans Bayerwald there.

Quote from a mountain biker who has tackled the Trans Bayerwald:
"The Trans Bayerwald is a unique tour with its own individual character and wild sections. The route is shaped by the forest."

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The „evelopment of a Mountain Bike Tour in the Bavarian Forest – Trans Bayerwald” and „Quality Offensive and Creation of an Experience Infrastructure for the Trans Bayerwald MTB Tour“ projects are supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

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