Mountainbike Urlaub in Koroska

Mountain bike holiday in Koroska Mountain biking and e-biking

Koroska: experience untouched nature Mountain biking and e-biking in Koroska

The valleys that go through the white limestone mountains are covered in dense forests. You’ll discover a largely untouched natural region that will captivate you with its secluded clearings, crystal-clear rivers and glistening lakes.

Discover old, abandoned paths that were once used by shepherds, hunters, soldiers and miners. Koroska in the Slovenian Alps is the perfect destination for mountain bike enthusiasts and purists. Choose between top routes and epic single trails around the Jamnica bike base or Family Bike Area Kope at the Pohorje mountain. And once you’ve explored everything above ground, simply take a trip below the ground! Cycle through an abandoned mine along the border between Slovenia and Austria – who can say that they’ve already done that? This unique selling point alone makes it worth paying a visit to this region!

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Bike highlights for your MTB holiday in Koroska

Mountainbike Urlaub in Koroska

Tours & Trails in Koroska

  • Underground Biking Tour
  • Single Trail Park Jamnike (EWS location Petzen/Jamnica)
  • Family Bike Area Kope

Bike tours in Koroska

Mountain bike & e-bike tours in Koroska

MTB Tour nach Pauckove - Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

MTB Tour nach Pauckove Mountain bike tour Mislinja

Tour zum Petzen Unterirdische Mine (inkl. Shuttle) - Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

Tour zum Petzen Unterirdische Mine... Mountain bike tour Mislinja

MTB Runde-Tour nach Ribnica Village - Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

MTB Runde-Tour nach Ribnica Village Mountain bike tour Mislinja

33 km
1.090 hm
MTB Tour mit Stopp an einem Bauernhof - Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

MTB Tour mit Stopp an einem Bauernhof Mountain bike tour Mislinja

43 km
1.090 hm

What does the mountain bike expert say?

Anej Štrucl Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

Just like my father Dixi, proprietor of the hotel, I am a bike pioneer and live a mountain bike lifestyle. We are qualified bike guides and provide individual advice and professional bike competence at the hotel.

to the bike-competence

Primoz Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

Primoz can look back on 20 years of experience. Together with his in-house guides, he creates tours of the region for you: on the mountain, in the valley & even underground.

to the bike-competence

2 Bike accomodations in Koroska (Slovenian Carinthia)

Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

Bikebase Ecohotel Koros  Bike hotel in Prevalje / Slovenia / Slovenia

from € 54,00 p.P.
Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom

Family Bike Area Kope - Lukov Dom  Bike hotel in Mislinja / Slovenia / Slovenia

from € 33,00 p.P.
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