Mountainbiken für Ambitionierte

Set yourself some goals and reach the next mountain biking level!

Mountain Bike Holidays have everything for ambitious cyclists: the coolest technique training, best coaches, most challenging trails, most diverse regions!

Be brave and set off on a new adventure - a whole new world awaits you – with great single trails and an impressive range of routes. You’ll find truly iconic trails such as the Hacklberg-Trail in Saalbach-Hinterglemm or the Marchkinkele-Trail in the Dolomites, which cover the whole range of biking preferences and ability levels.

Blue – Red – Black: colour theory for advanced bikers

How about starting with a simple blue trail and then working your way up to bravely tackling a red one? There’s no place for over-confidence here, so even very ambitious bikers must follow the holy three colours and use their head when setting off on their next adventure.

Calling all novices, beginners, newbies, rookies and kids: just like on the ski slopes, blue stands for „easy“. In some places you’ll also still find the green „very easy“ lines – perfect for your first attempts!

Progressing with fun

As on the ski slopes, red stands for "intermediate" or "medium". The black trails are very challenging and should only end up on your bucket list with a great deal of respect and biking ability. And who knows: maybe by the end of your vacation with Mountain Bike Holidays you might actually be ready for your black bike belt. Achieving ambitious goals is twice as much fun.

Our tip: Take a guide. They can help you to improve your cycling technique and will give you useful information on how to enjoy the trail even more. Find more information below.

Do you want to go to a bike park? What about The Epic Bike Park in the home of LÄSSIG?

It’s safe to say that the name says it all here, as things are genuinely epic at The Epic Bike Park in Leogang. The biking epic starts with the new highly modern biking tracks that will take you and your bike up seven (!) mountains. Saalfelden Leogang, Saalbach Hinterglemm and Fieberbrunn combine to form Austria’s largest biking playground, which warrants the word superlative. As a downhiller, free rider and mountain biker you’ll find everything you need at The Epic Bike Park:

  • Bike rental directly at the Assitzbahn (that will get you to the start line in no time)
  • Private guides for the best shredder tips
  • 10.000 m² Riders Playground directly at the valley station – for kids & jerrys
  • 10 trails for every level – from Hangman II to Flying Gangster and Speedster
  • WM lines for the professionals with daring jumps and sharp turns

And if you want to enjoy a bit more coolness, add the Glemride BIKE Festival or UCI Mountain Bike Weltcup to your calendar. See ya@Leogang!

Technique training for even more biking fun

We recommend: start by warming up on a flowing, simple trail. Then take on more challenging trails. If you want to try out some features but aren’t feeling quite confident enough, why not take part in one of the numerous biking technique sessions offered. So you won’t just be going downhill on your bike as a passenger but can also master tricky passages as a pilot. Experienced bikers can also take part in technique training sessions to refresh their biking technique. With the right tricks and expert tips you’ll suddenly open up completely new perspectives. Know-how brings more safety that, in turn, results in more fun. So: go for it!

Intensively and individually hone your biking technique during technique training sessions on unpaved terrain or single trails. Train and perfect your skills in a fun way: afterwards, you’ll no longer have any problem tackling tight hairpin bends, smaller jumps, wet roots, obstacles and steps!

Your technique training session could include:

  • improving your balance and coordination
  • practicing riding on steep terrain
  • becoming an expert in braking
  • learning how to tackle hairpin bends
  • perfecting the so-called pressing technique for fast bends
  • learning how to ride and jump over obstacles correctly
  • getting used to landing properly after jumps & drops

Enhance your skills for even more supremacy – there’s always something to learn!

Want more? On the go with professional bike guides

And here’s another comparison with the second best sport on the mountains – skiing! Because the same applies here: it’s fun to ride alone, twice as much fun to ride with friends but simply fantastic when riding with a local guide! Mountain biking with a private guide crowns off the experience as they can show you the spots that only the locals know – not to mention the nicest rest areas and photo spots! A certified MTB guide is available at all Mountain Bike Holidays hotels, yet this is just one of our many extras for ambitious mountain bikers. Gather some information about your preferred region and pack your bike – the trails are longing for you to arrive!

Signature Trails

Find your favourite signature trail! Whether it's a varied natural trail, an enjoyable flow trail or a challenging downhill trail - there's something for everyone here.

Discover your Signature Trail now

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