Tour & Trail – our lifeblood that makes your heart beat

Up to the mountain and down by bike – our alpine bike tours

We want to go up into the mountains! Uphill is a really steep trend, so it doesn’t matter if you use your muscles or travel up by shuttle, in a special chair lift, via cable car or on an e-bike. All roads lead to Rome, all trails lead to the valley. Tour & Trail is the lifeblood of Mountain Bike Holidays: together with our partner hotels and regions, we exploit our core competence and the diversity of the Alps to the full.

Zirmtrail in Nauders

Because we love ...

  • breathtaking panoramas
  • spectacular descents
  • secluded places to take a break
  • quaint mountain chalets
  • great photo spots
  • our impressive range of routes on steep bike tours in the Alps
  • and, of course, adrenaline-packed trails!

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What do you love? What gets your pulse racing? You’ll find out here! Provided that, like everything here, it’s all about mountain bikes ...

Put through their paces: our local experts

Our local guides don’t just put their heart and soul into the job; they’ve also all been put through their paces. We only send you on tours with the very best. The competent bike experts in all our Mountain Bike Holidays hotels not only know their two-wheeled pieces of equipment inside out, but they also know their regions as well every scratch on their mountain bikes. They guarantee to offer you individually tailored tours and tips & tricks for your biking technique.

Are you looking for a bit more? Then the special biking technique crash courses with our local experts are just right for you. We don’t learn for school or for life – we learn for the trails of this world!

Bike performances Enduro & Parks

Premium holiday with private guiding

Do you sometimes feel that trail passages are simply too tricky and you need to get off your bike? Or do you want to discover new trails away from the mainstream but don’t know any secret tips in the new region?

Private guiding are the magic words here that will definitely crown off your MTB holiday. Your private guides will prepare an individual tour to meet your requirements, your ability and your needs. They will also take your fitness level and biking level into consideration and are 100% there just for you. That means 100% more fun and more skills. In the "Elite" and "Pro" Mountain Bike Holidays hotels you can book your private guide directly – for your own personal premium MTB experience!

"Elite" and "Pro" Mountain Bike Holidays hotel select

Take your mind off things & focus – the perfect combination of tour & trail

"What are these trails other than paths of longing? A setting where we mountain bikers can enjoy experiences, focus and, at the same time, take our mind off things." That’s how a good friend of ours (thx Norman!) once answered the question about what trails actually are. And we think that he hit the nail right on the head. Yes, we’re looking to take our mind off things and, at the same time, we want to focus all our senses: on the panoramic views, on the roots under our wheels, on the burning in our muscles, on the incredibly beautiful mountain lake next to us. That’s why we love the flowing trails, that are embedded in the region and lead us back down into the valley.

Shaped lines. Flowing lines. Natural trails. Single trails. High alpine trails. And also the extensive tours where there’s time to enjoy both nature and culture. All in one – is that possible? Of course! Top tours and trails go hand and hand in our MTB regions. And let’s be honest: who would want to limit their options when faced with such a choice? Discover our numerous bike regions hat are perfectly tailored for the needs of mountain bikers.

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Guaranteed services are our PLUS

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your holiday. "Trust is good, control is better" – true to this motto, we guarantee tested top quality and genuine MTB competence in all our Mountain Bike Holidays hotels. You can enjoy an outstanding infrastructure and a perfect service for you and your bike.

In short: the perfect biking holiday with MTB experts and top services:

  • Service corner with tools
  • Washing service
  • Bike information corner with maps
  • Video-monitored bike room
  • Option to shower on the day of departure

First-class accommodation in our hotels is, of course, just as important as the great range of tours. So there’s just one question left: which Mountain Bike Holidays region will you travel to next? Have fun finding out!

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