Zugspitz Arena
Zugspitz Arena
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Signature Trail - Tiroler Zugspitz Arena


Trail facts

Length: 7 km
Altitude metres: 609 altitude metres from trail entrance
Ascent: Bergkastel mountain railway
Mountain railway: Grubig I and II - a total of 1.037 altitude metres
Recommended bike: Enduro, all mountain
Difficulty: Difficult

Biking technique: ●●●●○
Biking fun: ●●●●○
Landscape: ●●●●●

Best time for travel: May - November
Guiding: Bikeguiding Zugspitzarena
Possibility for a stop: Grubighütte


The setting of the 2.962 metres high Zugspitze with its flanks, which remind a bit of the Dolomites, is stunning. The through corrosion loosened stone, which gives the mountain a face at the base of the rugged, jagged walls as if it has sprung up from fine gravel, is very impressive. But the trails around the Zugspitze are just as impressive. Out of the many trails around Lermoos, Bichlbach or Biberwier, the Blindsee Trail is surely one of the most challenging. If you are looking for the ultimate enduro experience, then you find here what your heart desires.

I usually save a morning meal of eggs and bacon for a leisurely breakfast at the hotels on my holidays. But our excursion in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena feels just like a holiday. This feeling is intensified by the night spent in a real feel-good hotel - the Ehrwalderhof. After a princely breakfast, we are off to the mountain railways which are only four kilometres away from Ehrwald. There are car parks directly at the mountain railway. If you want to convert eggs and bacon directly into energy, then you can leisurely bike to the mountain railway and are already warmed up for what is yet to come. You can of course also activate the hydraulic seat post and bike around 730 altitude metres across the forest trail from Lermoos to the Grubigalm where the Blindsee Trail starts. The transport of the bikes on the two Grubig I and II mountain railways, taking us the Grubig Hut in 2.030 metres above sea level, is of course free of charge.

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Once arrived at the top, we push the bikes and walk past the spacious terrace of the Grubig Hut where visitors of all ages enjoy Leberkäse and kaiserschmarren and soak up some vitamin D. Up here it seems that the entire Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena lays at our feet. We enjoy the view one more time before we bike downhill - past some little lambs - on the forest road in direction Grubigalm for a bit.

But shortly before that, we stop; a yellow board reads: ”Blindsee Trail“. Altitude metres: 0, Downhill metres: 609, Level of difficulty: Difficult/Expert (S3). Having lowered our seat posts, we start and realise that we, contrary to the altitude metres on the yellow board, have to change our setup again. Saddle upwards, chain to the left because the first few hundred metres go definitely uphill with two sharp but very short ascents.

Before the trail finally changes its incline, it meanders through open woodland and lush green meadows; the sweet and gentle fragrance of the many spruces is in the air. If you know the forest in British Columbia in Canada, then these fragrances will remind you of that. The trail is fast - or is it us? We get lost in the delight of the flows, the many little steps and jumps. A really great start segment.

The middle part is more technical. After the trail leaves the forest, it gets steeper and much more challenging. Despite some in part tricky passages where the rain has shaped channels and exposed some root ends, the trail does never lose its flow completely. Having accomplished a few rock gardens where you better opt for a line that you can follow, the trail continues with seemingly natural banked curves. The view from the lower part of the trail to Lake Blindsee is fantastic. With its navy-blue water and the turquoise shore, the lake seems to be directly imported from the Caribbean. Uphill, some flow, combined with technical key points - the full enduro experience.

The final segment takes us again across a short bit of forest road until we reach the lakeside via another single trail. A dive into refreshing water is just perfect before biking ten kilometres back to Lermoos.

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