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Signature Trail - Zillertal Arena


Trail facts

Length: 7,9 km
Altitude metres: 1.070 altitude metres
Ascent: mountain railway
Recommended bike: Enduro
Difficulty: intermediate

Biking technique: ●●○○○
Biking fun: ●●●●○
Landscape: ●●●●○

Best time for travel: May - October
Possibility for a stop: Latschenalm


The Isskogel Trail is not one but many trails - but they can be combined to one trail. The pool of the ramified network of trails is very diverse and colourful just like the routes ranging from blue (easy) and red (intermediate) to black (difficult).

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In the gondola of the Isskogelbahn near Gerlos in the Zillertal Arena in direction upper terminus, we look at the spread-out trail map and make plans about the downhill run ahead. The respective trail names indicate the character of the routes:

The “Iss Flow“, for example, meanders gently with only a slight incline across the slope. The “Iss Tough“ offers bigger banked curves, terraces, waves and jumps in steeper terrain. The “Iss Shore“ consists mainly of north shore elements which are classified as blue, meaning easy.

The “Iss Natural“ on the other hand is mostly natural and consists of short steep sections and in part of layered terraces as well as small jumps which can always be bypassed. And there are of course always places for a stop between the key points.

The “Iss Vertical“ in comparison is the most difficult and steepest route. There are narrow bends, root passages and steep segments. Steeped in small jumps and drops, this trail is the technical highlight of the quintet.

As the routes repeatedly merge or cross each other, you can create the perfect downhill run as you fancy and according to your biking skills. We decide to combine the flow line with the Tough Line and the Iss Shore for warming up. From the Isskogel upper terminus, we follow the signposts in direction Iss Flow. The trail meanders through gentle curves and waves along the ski downhill run without losing much altitude.

We enjoy the relaxed rolling ahead and the wonderful view in direction Durlaßboden, the big, still mist-covered reservoir with the mountain ranges rising in the background. After the Krumbach downhill run, we leave the vast meadows and immerse into the sparse forest.

The steady rhythm of banked curves and waves gets us into the flow. Having crossed a forest path, we continue along the contour lines to the lift route of the Isskogelbahn; this is where the Iss Tough crosses, which we follow until it merges with the Iss Shore. At the end, we get to the road way which takes us back to the lower terminus of the lift.

The next tour will be “all in“ for us - we want to combine all five Iss Elements to one diverse trail. Our route will then be: Flow - Natural - Vertical - Flow - Tough - Shore. And off we go!

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360° - Isskogeltrail

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