Your Premium Bike Holidays

Mountain Bike Holidays is anything but ordinary.
Mountain Bike Holidays is better!

It doesn’t matter what you need for your perfect MTB holiday - whether it is a service station to patch up your beloved bike or adventurous rides into unknown realms - our hotels offer all kinds of in-house MTB service.

Am I even the right bike type for Mountain Bike Holidays?

Sure! If you like to cycle on bumpy roads as much as we do, then this is definitely the place for you. We share your passion for riding Single Trails as well as for panoramic tours and the tasting of regional delicacies in the mountain huts.

Tour & Trails lovers, Enduro & Park junkies and Easy & Family aficionados have one thing in common: mountain bike sport, nature and fun are always first priority.

Premium - What the heck does that mean?

Simply put, we from Mountain Bike Holidays want to make your mountain bike holidays as bike-friendly as possible. We try to do so with a range of in-house services. Those services benefit both your bike and you and your travel buddy.

Our hotels offer a broad range of services for you and your bike as standard feature - no ifs, no buts. For example, our elite and pro hotels are equipped with a bicycle room with CCTV that is in no way inferior to Fort Knox. And all of them have a repair service where you can patch up your bike in case your last ride was a little bit too rough. In the spa area you can take care of your physical well-being.

We don’t pretend. Meaning: if you book a guide or a tour in our hotels, we don’t just send you off to the next service point in the area. Our hotels already have in-house mountain bike specialists. So guided tours are booked directly at the hotel and start off right at the doorstep.

The most beautiful panoramic tours and secret trails are no fun, if they don’t meet your skill level. That’s why every guest of our hotels receives individual advice and individual tour suggestions from our in-house MTB specialists.

In our elite and pro hotels you can treat yourself to a private guide. And because we are eager to push your skills to the next level, our hotels also offer riding technique trainings.

Anything else?

Well, yes. Our hotels’ Bike & More services make sure that you feel happy and contented also apart from mountain biking. The spa areas will make you sweat once more and the additional sport offerings will add some variety to your holidays. Our gourmet hotels take care of the right supply of calories, childcare pleases the whole family and in our hotels with nearby swimming beach you can take a jump into the cool water after the bike tour.

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