Dolomiti Lagorai Bike GRAND TOUR Grand Tour is a MTB itinerary of 6 days which stretches through woods, meadows and small alpine lakes and two Natural Parks.

Grand Tour is a MTB itinerary of 6 days which stretches through woods, meadows and small alpine lakes and two Natural Parks, Monte Corno Park westbound and Paneveggio Pale di San Martino at Eastern. The area covers different valleys of the Eastern part of Trentino: Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa and Valsugana. This last one, with two bathing lakes: Levico and Caldonazzo, offers the unique beaches in the world with a view on the Dolomites.

All the tracks represent an open invitation to explore and discover pristine territories, at an altitude over 2000 meters, among the wild peaks of the Lagorai mountain chain, the Dolomites’ peaks of the Latemar, Catinaccio, Sella and Pale di San Martino declared a “UNESCO World Heritage Site”.

It is possible to run it for 6 months per year; during summer it is possible to use the lifts, open from middle June to middle September, to reduce the elevation.

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Tour description GRAND TOUR

Tappa 1: Levico Terme - Brusago
Distance: 36,8 km / ascent: 1.070 mt / descent: 500 mt

Starting from beautiful Lake Levico, follow the old road that connects the small town to Pergine Valsugana. As you reach the hill where the Castle of Pergine stands, continue to the right at the junction showing the sign to the hamlet of Zivignago, and go up in the direction of Valle dei Mocheni towards the hamlet of  Serso. At the bridge on the Fersina torrent, take the cycling track that runs along the torrent and follow it all the way to the ice sports arena. From here, go up on the right towards Lake Canzolino, passing through Pissol, until you meet the Strada Provinciale - SP (Provincial Road). You then climb a steep stretch deep into the "Vignai dei pinaitri" [the vineyards of the Piné people] on farmland roads up to Riposo, and then to the hamlet of Montagnaga di Piné, along the Rio Negro; after going through the centre of the village, continue towards the Puel and then, on a dirt road, to the Laghestel Biotope, with its magnificent view; follow the signs to the hamlet of  Tressilla, where a dirt road climbs up to Monte Ceramont, and you will arrive on the side of the mountain overlooking the picturesque Valle di Cembra, to the beautiful Bellavista terrace. From Bellavista follow the signs to Lago delle Rane and then to Bedolpian, going up to Bait del Nelo, from where you descend to the hamlet of Piazze. After crossing the hamlets of Casei and Centrale in the municipality of Bedollo, continue on the cycling track until you reach the village of Brusago.

Tappa 2: Brusago - Cavalese
Distance: 39,2 km / ascent: 1.449 mt / descent: 1.593 mt

Starting from the small hamlet of Brusago on the Altopiano di Piné, you go up to Valle Fregasoga on a dirt road that runs alongside the Brusago torrent, to arrive near Baita del Mattio; keeping on the same road, you reach Malga Fregasoga, where you will be able to admire the Monte Croce massif (Kreuz Piz) in all its majesty. From Malga Fregasoga, a short single track trail of approximately 500 m (10 minutes on foot) will take you to another forest road that gently climbs up for about 3 km and then descends towards Baita Monte Pat. From Baita Monte Pat, again on forest road, you head towards Bait dal Manz in the municipality of Valfloriana, then move to a tarmac road and keep going for about 3 km up to a junction where you continue to Zochi Alti, entering the Cadino State forest in the heart of the Lagorai Alpine fauna. After reaching Zochi Alti, you pedal at high altitude for about 2 km to the end of the road and from there, after crossing a small torrent, you take a forest road again, going down to skirt the Passo Manghen provincial road, and descend approx 1200 m in altitude to the hamlet of Molina di Fiemme. Once in Molina, take the Cycling Track and follow the signs to Cavalese.

Tappa 3: Cavalese - Moena
Distance: 46,9 km / ascent: 460 mt / descent: 1.467 mt

This tour leeds 360° round of the Latemar massif and offers impressive and unforgettable views. The starting point is Cavalese, than you reach Predazzo on the cycle path, (where the Latemar cable car brings us to the Feudo pass (2.200 mt), in the Fiemme Obereggen ski area. The tour then reaches the Carezza lake, a pearl in the midst of pine trees, in its still waters it reflects the peaks of the Rosengarten. From Karerpass it goes downhill again returning to Moena.

Tappa 4: Moena - San Martino di Castrozza
Distance: 37,5 km / ascent: 900 mt / descent: 1.563 mt

The starting point is Moena, from here the route reaches the station of the Lusia lift. Here you can choose whether to use the cable car or to take a demanding uphill of 8 km and 1000 mt of height difference till Le Cune. Le Cune is a wonderful panoramic view on the Fassa Dolomites and Pale di San Martino. From here the route runs downhill to Malga Bocche and will introduce. One of the most characteristic valleys in the area. The route runs mostly on unpaved roads in the Val Venegia valley, until you reach the famous Baita Segantini hut. From this privileged vantage point at 2.200 m altitude, you can admire the cliffs of the Pale di San Martino in their full beauty. The uphill, long but not steep, gives the biker the opportunity to have a rest at Malga Menegia and Venegiotta. The descent, in part on unpaved road leads to San Martino di Castrozza at the feet of Pale.

Tappa 5: San Martino di Castrozza - Rifugio Conseria o Val Campelle localita Cenon
Distance: 49 km / ascent: 1.853 mt / descent: 1.455 mt

From San Martino di Castrozza, at the footsteps of the Pale di San Martino group in the Dolomites, ride down the length of the Valle di Primiero and then continue uphill from the village of Imer towards the Passo della Gobbera to finally reach Canal San Bovo. For those wishing a short-cut while remaining on dirt tracks, there is an alternative route using a forest road that starts from San Martino di Castrozza and reaches Lake Calaita directly and then links back to the tarmac road on the downhill stretch from Passo Gobbera down to Canal San Bovo. From here, continue on a tarmac road to Refavaie and then on a dirt road along the Val Cia for about 20 km, entering deep into the Lagorai range, up to the Passo 5 Croci 2018 m. After admiring the Cima d'Asta massif, the tour continues downhill to Val Campelle for another kilometer.

Tappa 6: Rifugio Conseria o Val Campelle località Cenon - Levico Terme
Distance: 58,7 km / ascent: 1.964 mt / descent: 3.309 mt

Follow your gpx track or your map: starting from Val Campelle, ride on the left side of stream Maso till you get to località Pontarso. From here, ride up to the opposite side of the valley to the saddle Forcella Lavoscio, where it is advisable to walk your bike along the first part of the descending trail. After some ups and down, you will get to Val di Cavè then to Val della Portella till you reach “la Bassa”, a vista point over Valsugana and Val dei Mocheni. Continue on the dirt road to Vetriolo; from the hamlet, ride down to Levico Terme on a 1.000 m asphalt road. If you prefer, you can also ride on dirt roads and single-trails (check your map for this alternative route).

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