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Traminerhof | good life. cool ride. Italy / South Tyrol / South Tyrolean Wine Route - Tramin - Lake Kaltern / Tramin


Bike competence As a mountainbiker you’ll be in good hands here.

It’s hard to believe but I went on my first proper mountain bike tour 25 years ago. But I still remember it clearly: It was in summer 1991 when our longstanding guest, Gustl Vetter, convinced me to go on a MTB tour with him. Compared with today, we were rather “underpowered“ – CroMo frame, rim brakes, from the front to the back - everything was rigid.

Back then, I didn’t know any mountain bike tours, thus I decided to take a route which I usually hike – via the Grauner Joch to the Roen (2116 m) Today, I would of course advise against taking this tour the way we did back then. After all, the tour has over 2000 altitude metres and is absolutely not suitable for beginners. But we did it. Giving up was out of question. We carried on struggling even though we had run out of water well before reaching the summit. And if that wasn’t enough, the last two kilometres to the summit of the Roen were waiting with a further 400 altitude metres. And this all on gravel and nicely interlocked.

The feeling to have finally reached the top of the Roen was incredible. Beautiful, amazing views to the Ortler, Brenta, Dolomites and the main ridge of the Alps were reward enough. I still remember the astonished looks of the hikers – it seemed that they had not seen this very often before.

Shortly after the Roen, we returned to the Romenoalm for a break and to get our water balance right again. This was in vain, and yet I learned from this tour that I want to do this again with my guests in the future. This incredible feeling of success after a tour is worth every effort!

After a year of preparation finding and recording tours, I started our “Biker Week“ programme in 1993, which we still offer today. If anyone asks me now what my favourite tour is, then I can say with conviction: The tour to the Roen!

Armin Pomella

The bike guides Armin and Davide are your contacts when it comes to biking. Their motto is: “Uphill on tarred and forest roads is a waste of altitude metres. We bike already when others are still stuck in snow.“

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Traminerhof | good life. cool ride. South Tyrol, South Tyrolean Wine Route - Tramin - Lake Kaltern, 39040 Tramin, Weinstraße 43