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Mountain biking in Tyrol

Experience nature, action and an amazing scenery on your mountain bike holiday in Tyrol. On the Tyrol Bike Trail, you cycle 1,000 km in 32 stages on interesting and diverse routes and discover scenic beauties and hospitality in all Tyrolean regions. A bit shorter but just as challenging is the Tyrol Bike Swing. Here you accomplish 660 kilometres and 25,000 altitude metres uphill. Reaching 12,000 altitude metres, there are 18 mountain railways helping you to carry on.

Bike highlights in Tyrol

  • Tyrol Bike Swing
  • 3 bike parks
  • 50 mountain railways

15 Bike accomodations in Tyrol

Alpen-Comfort-Hotel Central
€ 81,00 to € 98,00
Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

Gourmethotel Die Sportalm  Austria / Tyrol / Kirchberg in Tirol

€ 79,00 to € 104,00
Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose
€ 131,00 to € 165,00
Sporthotel unser LOISACH

Sporthotel unser LOISACH  Austria / Tyrol / Lermoos

€ 63,00 to € 83,00
Lifehotel für aktive Genießer
€ 79,00 to € 119,00
Hotel Alpina

Hotel Alpina  Austria / Tyrol / Sölden

€ 72,00 to € 95,00
Hotel Ehrwalderhof

Hotel Ehrwalderhof  Austria / Tyrol / Ehrwald

€ 63,00 to € 95,00
Sporthotel Schönruh

Sporthotel Schönruh  Austria / Tyrol / Ehrwald

€ 68,00 to € 104,00
Bikehotel Klausen

Bikehotel Klausen  Austria / Tyrol / Kirchberg in Tirol

€ 66,00 to € 72,00
Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl  Austria / Tyrol / Kirchberg in Tirol

€ 55,00 to € 69,00
alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm
€ 87,00 to € 108,00
lti alpenhotel Kaiserfels

lti alpenhotel Kaiserfels  Austria / Tyrol / St. Johann in Tirol

€ 61,00 to € 122,00
Gasthof-Pension Brixnerwirt

Gasthof-Pension Brixnerwirt  Austria / Tyrol / Brixen im Thale

€ 42,00 to € 55,00
Bike- und Wellnesshotel Fliana
€ 124,00 to € 168,00
Kinderhotel Almhof Family Resort
€ 135,00 to € 160,00

Mountain bike tours in Tyrol

Hahnenkamm Bikehotel Klausen

34 km / 1,186 hm

Aschauer Höhenweg Bikehotel Klausen

33 km / 737 hm

Lisi Osl Trail Bikehotel Klausen

28 km / 585 hm

Rauher Kopf Bikehotel Klausen

19 km / 692 hm

Saukaser - Pengelstein Bikehotel Klausen

38 km / 1,129 hm

Bike Trail Tirol Etappe Kitzbühel -... Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

11 km / 89 hm

Im Windautal Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

22 km / 675 hm

Jochberg – Bruggeralm – Gauxjoch Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

20 km / 822 hm

Kirchberg – Aschauer Höhenweg Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

34 km / 781 hm

Steinbergkogel über Hahnenkamm Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

46 km / 1,281 hm

Hahnenkamm Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

37 km / 1,188 hm

Wiegalm Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

24 km / 718 hm

Rauher Kopf Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

19 km / 624 hm

Aschauer Höhenweg Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

31 km / 706 hm

Brechhorn Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

31 km / 883 hm

Verwallrunde alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

92 km / 2,005 hm

Hochpaznaun alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

44 km / 1,654 hm

valley PAZNAUN tour alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

21 km / 301 hm

TOUR NR.38 SEE - ASCHERHUETTE - SEE alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

18 km / 1,236 hm

Paznaunrunde alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

53 km / 1,695 hm

What does the mountain bike expert say?

Harry Ploner Alpen-Comfort-Hotel Central

I am a passionate mountain biker and have turned my hobby into my job. My motto is: Uphill a challenge - downhill just fun. The Alpen-Comfort-Hotel Central is the right place for bikers. Come for a holiday and discover the region’s most beautiful tours together with us.

to the host

Philipp Haueis Gourmethotel Die Sportalm

Junior boss Philipp is a qualified mountain bike guide and passionate single trail freak. Whether uphill or downhill - he finds the right tour for everyone. Discover together with him the most beautiful tours of the Kitzbühel Alps.

to the host

Georg Mott Leading Family Hotel & Resort Alpenrose

I am the manager of Zugspitz Arena Bike Guiding and responsible for everything related to mountain biking at the hotel. You will find me on my mountain bike around 200 days a year. My bike guides and I know the surrounding area like the back of our hand. Discover the beautiful routes of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena together with us or by using the hotel-own GPS devices.

to the host

Heinrich und Walter Lifehotel für aktive Genießer

Heinrich and Walter are trained mountain bike guides. They ensure that you get what you are looking for at the Lifehotel.

to the host

Benedikt & Marsha Hotel Ehrwalderhof

Benedikt, Marsha, Justin & Jeremy – the proprietors and their kids, are passionate bikers themselves. Benni knows the Zugspitz Arena bike region like the back of his hand. Justin is a qualified bike guide. Thus, plenty of insider tips and unique tour suggestions are available.

to the host

Andi Hauser Bikehotel Klausen

I am your host at the Bikehotel Klausen and, as a chef, I am also responsible for culinary delights at the hotel. In addition, I am a qualified bike guide and responsible for the hotel’s bike competence. I am supported by 6 in-house bike guides of the bike academy.

to the host

Michael Küchl Alpenhotel Landhaus Küchl

I am an expert when it comes to biking and, as trained bike guide, accompany my guests on tours. Being a member of the mountain rescue and the Commission for Avalanche Rescue, I know the region like the back of my hand. I am supported by the bike academy.

to the host

Georg Ehrenberger alpines balance hotel Weisses Lamm

Georg, proprietor and qualified bike guide, knows every corner of the Paznaun Bike Arena. He provides insider tips and bike tour ideas and offers professional service. He is supported by the professional guides of the Silvretta Bike Academy in Ischgl.

to the host

Andreas Kröll lti alpenhotel Kaiserfels

I am a certified guide and a passionate biker. I look forward to accompany you on the most amazing tours through the gentle hills of the Kitzbühel Alps around St. Johann in Tyrol.

to the host

Andi Knauer Gasthof-Pension Brixnerwirt

Proprietor Andi & the bike guides of the Kirchberg Bike Academy show you the region with its unique tours & trails.

to the host

Christian Eiterer Bike- und Wellnesshotel Fliana

I have been looking after the requirements and needs of bikers for over 20 years now. As bike pioneer and founder of the local bike academy, I know exactly what is needed on a bike holiday.

to the host

Bobby Roos Kinderhotel Almhof Family Resort

As bike guide and manager of the Gerlos Snowboard School is Bobby at home in the mountains. He knows the most beautiful routes and is happy to take you on tours. Every tour with him turns into an experience.

to the host
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