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Bike holidays in Koroška Bike hotels and mtb tours in Koroška / Slovenia

Mountain biking in Koroška

“Slovenia’s Carinthia“ in the north of the country is a real paradise. The extremely diverse landscape delights with crystal-clear rivers and lakes, dense forests and spectacular caves. As leisure biker, you will find  an almost unlimited network of forest paths and single trails here. If you are a daredevil, then you can cycle in abandoned mountain tunnels through the Petzen, a mountain between Slovenia and Carinthia. The proximity to Carinthia guarantees a vast selection of diverse, border-crossing tours. Many events and cycle races complement the mountain bike programme and ensure an all-around experience on your mountain bike holiday.

Bike highlights in Koroška

  • Jamnica Single Trail Park
  • Underground Biking
  • Kundi Cycle Routes

1 Bike accomodation in Koroška

Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

Bikebase Ecohotel Koros  Slovenia / Koroška / Prevalje

€ 44,00 to € 59,00

Mountain bike tours in Koroška

Jamnica Panorama Tour Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

30 km / 880 hm

Jamnica Petzen Flow Trail Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

51 km / 1,828 hm

Underground Biking Tour Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

33 km / 552 hm

Urslja Gora Tour Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

60 km / 1,457 hm

Podpeca - Peca Tour Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

56 km / 1,794 hm

What does the mountain bike expert say?

Anej Štrucl Bikebase Ecohotel Koros

Just like my father Dixi, proprietor of the hotel, I am a bike pioneer and live a mountain bike lifestyle. We are qualified bike guides and provide individual advice and professional bike competence at the hotel.

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