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Mountain biking in Carinthia

Only in Carinthia are gentle mountains and warm swimming lakes so close together that you can finish every bike tour with a dive into turquoise-green water. You will discover especially one thing here: pure zest for life. Whether leisurely mountain bike tours around the lakes, theme cycle tracks or sweat-inducing routes in the surrounding mountains, rewarding you with spectacular views and flowy trails - the choice is yours.

Bike highlights in Carinthia

  • Afritz Bike Park
  • Petzen Bike Park
  • 366 km-long Drava Cycle Track

8 Bike accomodations in Carinthia

Landhotel Lindenhof

Landhotel Lindenhof  Austria / Carinthia / Feld am See

€ 69,00 to € 99,00
Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets  Austria / Carinthia / Weissensee

€ 80,00 to € 120,00
Family & Sporthotel Kärntnerhof

Family & Sporthotel Kärntnerhof  Austria / Carinthia / Bad Kleinkirchheim

€ 79,50 to € 113,50
Hotel Feriendorf Kirchleitn

Hotel Feriendorf Kirchleitn  Austria / Carinthia / Bad Kleinkirchheim

€ 66,00 to € 127,00
Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof

Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S Austria / Carinthia / Bad Kleinkirchheim

€ 85,00 to € 138,00
Pension Pirkdorfer See

Pension Pirkdorfer See  Austria / Carinthia / St. Michael / Bleiburg

€ 50,00 to € 70,00
Hotel Gartnerkofel

Hotel Gartnerkofel  Austria / Carinthia / Hermagor

€ 99,00 to € 220,00
Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital

Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital S Austria / Carinthia / Weissensee

€ 69,00 to € 95,00

Mountain bike tours in Carinthia

Friggatour Landhotel Lindenhof

17 km / 329 hm

Kärnten Wasserreich Landhotel Lindenhof

26 km / 1,023 hm

Rund um den Priedröf Landhotel Lindenhof

35 km / 1,224 hm

Orte der Kraft Landhotel Lindenhof

31 km / 854 hm

2-Seen-Tour Landhotel Lindenhof

12 km / 123 hm

Rund um den Priedroef Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S

26 km / 1,008 hm

Feldpannalm-Tour Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S

17 km / 772 hm

Panorama-Tour Millstätter See Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S

29 km / 664 hm

Kärnten-Wasserreich-Tour Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S

35 km / 1,272 hm

Zwei-Seen-Tour Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof S

12 km / 123 hm

14 Around the Priedröf Hotel Feriendorf Kirchleitn

31 km / 1,067 hm

Mittel: Technikparcours Naggler Alm Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets


Leicht: Runde um die Gatschacher Weide Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

11 km / 263 hm

Mittel: Naggler Alm Runde Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

16 km / 417 hm

Schwer: Weiße Wand – Alm hinterm Brunn Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

22 km / 698 hm

Schwer: Große Weissenseerunde Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

31 km / 746 hm

Big round around the sea Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital S

46 km / 1,196 hm

Kohlröslhütte - Naggler Alm Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital S

26 km / 823 hm

Tschabitscher Runde Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital S

12 km / 200 hm

Waisacher Alm Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital S

26 km / 764 hm

What does the mountain bike expert say?

Hannes Nindler Landhotel Lindenhof

Hotelier Hannes is a passionate bike guide. No trail is too steep for him. He offers an almost around the clock personal full service. He is out on tour with his guests every week and knows the huts with the best jause. In cooperation with the bike centre, there are special single trail technique tours, biking technique workshops, all-day tours incl. shuttles and E-mountain bike tours.

to the host

Michael Eder Regitnig - Hotel & Chalets

The junior managers of the Regitnig, Michael and Jasmin, are passionate and qualified mountain bike guides and always find a tour highlight for their guests. Michael‘s absolute forte are technique trainings and tours with a view while Jasmin turns ladies and family tours into fun experiences. Bikers with E-bikes are welcome to join the guided tours.

to the host

Wolfgang Schneeweiss Hotel Feriendorf Kirchleitn

The hosts, Margit and Wolfgang Schneeweiß, are the trained bike guides on site. Bike pros of the Krainer Sports School are also available as guides several times a week.

to the host

Wolfgang Krainer Bike & Seewellness Brennseehof

Wolfgang and Manuela Krainer from the adjacent Krainer Bike School are the region’s bike pros as well as partners of the hotel and will look after you when it comes to biking. Together with their professional guides, they offer tour guiding, technique training and a bike sport shop.

to the host

Peter Schwarzenbacher Hotel Arlbergerhof Vital

I am a passionate sportsman and accompany you on tours and show you the most beautiful sites around our wonderful Lake Weissensee. We offer mountain biking technique seminars and guided mountain bike tours from Monday to Friday.

to the host
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