Jungfrau Region Grindelwald

Mountain biking in Grindelwald
A sporty challenging tour or rather a more leisurely version? It doesn’t matter which route you choose, they all have one thing in common – the stunning scenery of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

New in the region:

  • E-MTBs can be hired in the region
  • Additional tracks will be included in the GPS tracks from spring 2015 onwards
  • Videos about trails can be found on www.grindelwald.bike  
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The impressive scenery of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are included free of charge when going on bike tours in Grindelwald. This world-famous triumvirate is an everyday sight for Grindelwald’s population but is unique for the guests. Together with the glacier-topped mountain giants Schreckhorn, Finseraarhorn and Wetterhorn, they create spectacular scenery.
The tours in Grindelwald demand a great level of fitness. The ascents are in general very steep. Starting from Grindelwald, you should prepare yourself for 600 metres in altitude when aiming for tricky trails on the plateaus. Even more muscle power is required for the ascents which often exceed the 1.000 metres in altitude benchmark. For anyone who hasn’t got enough energy to master such ascents without help, there are plenty of cable cars, trains or buses to ease the ascending ride, to save quite a few metres in altitude and to preserve some energy.

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Bike Events - Jungfrau Region Grindelwald

  • Tour & Trail

    “Tour & Trail“ means more outdoor fun with experts during ”Mountain Bike Holidays“. Guided tours provide more adventure, more safety and more competence and are the forte of “Mountain Bike Holidays“.

    • Only qualified guides accompany up to 10 persons on guided tours
    • Individual advice
    • Groups divided by skills and experiences
    • Tour briefing (levels of difficulty, obstacles)
    • Biking technique tips during the tour
    • Secret trails
    • Panorama highlights, photo stops and tips for refreshment stops

    All information about the bike tours including GPS data, maps and descriptions, transport of bikes on combo-tours with cable car and bike shuttle, bike guiding, equipment hire and services as well as events in the region can be found here:

    Bike tours in the region

    Route highlights:

    • Grosse Scheidegg-First (single trail loop)
    • Kleine Scheidegg
    • Lauterbrunnen Tour
    • Öpfelchüechli Trail (Apple Fritter Trail)
    • Eigerbike Challenge

    Mountain railways & bike transport services

    Railways providing bike transport services:

    • First Railway: Grindelwald-Bort-Schreckfeld-First
    • Cable car Isenfluh-Sulwald
    • Schilthorn Railway: Stechelberg-Gimmelwald-Mürren
    • Wengernalp Railway: Lauterbrunnen-Wengen

    Railways with limited bike transport services:

    • Wengernalp Railway: Grindelwald Grund – Kl. Scheidegg (from 5 pm) and Wengen – Kl. Scheidegg (from 4 pm)

    Bike transport services in the valley:
    Grindelwald Bus:

    • Grindelwald-Bussalp
    • Grindelwald-Waldspitz
    • Grindelwald – Gr. Scheidegg

    Berneroberland Railways:

    • Grindelwald-Interlaken
    • Lauterbrunnen – Interlaken

    Railway Lauterbrunnen-Grütschalp-Winteregg-Mürren


    Guided tours starting from Grindelwald are available from mid-June until mid-September:

    Bike shops, hire & service

    • Backdoor Shop
      Bike hire and test centre as well as repair service
    • Internet Rent Network
      Hire of mountain bikes, E-mountain bikes, children’s bikes and children’s trailers