Savognin was the pioneer in bikesports in the region Graubünden and has many years of experience in touring sports and in race support.

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Mountain Bike Hotel in the region Savognin


The CUBE Hotels GmbH & Co KG
Veia Sandeilas 12
7460 Savognin
Phone: 0041 (081) 659 14 14 Email: Web:
Phone: 0041 (081) 659 14 14
Bike-Competence Pro Ritzel
Specialization Bike & Bathing Bike & Sport
Mountain Bike Hotel in Savognin

Mountain Bike Hotel in Savognin

Right next to the bottom station of the Savognin lifts in Graubünden / East Switzerland.

This hotel is situated in the mountain bike region Savognin.

Mountain bike specialist at the CUBE SAVOGNIN ****

Gerfried Gaugelhofer, the general manager of the CUBE SAVOGNIN and passionate mountain biker knows the area like the back of his hand. He is a qualified mountain bike guide and will show you the nicest trails in the region.

More information about bike expertise in the hotel
Mountain biking in Savognin
Bike region Savognin
Bike holiday in Savognin
Bike tours in Savognin
Biking in Savognin
Member of "Mountain Bike Holidays" since 2012

Welcome to bikers' heaven!
Not only do we have fantastic mountain scenery, diverse trails, professional guides, and a perfect combination of sport, entertainment, design, and community, but the CUBE Hotel in SAVOGNIN also offers exclusive specials for mountain bikers.

We have done a lot in order that you and your bike will feel very at home here. Features that you wouldn't find in other hotels combines together like this: 

  • Showroom for your bike in your room:
    Most hotels have a storage room where the hotel guests park all their bikes together. That isn't exactly a secure feeling, to see your expensive bike separated from you, piled u with other bikes. This is not the case in the CUBE hotel! The concept is very simple: your bike and you are an unbeatable team together. Why not them simply take your bike with you to your room? Every room in the CUBE hotel has a so-called showroom; a porch area before you enter your actual room, where yiu can store your bike, your bike gear, and other equipment. Of course, the showroom is lockable, and you alone have access to it, with your own key card.

  • Gateways to your room:
    To get to your room with your bike, there are 2 ways: firstly, the hotel has a normal lift but then the highlight is that linking each floor of the hotel, there are so-called gateways (ramps). For you this means that you can geht from reception to your room without having to negotiate the stairs with your bike.

The Savognin Region
But this isn't the end of the features for mountain bikers in the CUBE hotel by any means. Besides the fact that there are approximately 240 km of signposted bike routes in the Savognin area and there is a linked, waymarked network of over 15,000 km in the Graubünden region, and whilst we offer you tour suggestions, GPS tracks, and a free lift pass including bike transport, the CUBE hotel offers yet more.

Bike theme in the hotel
There is a bike information area in the hotel telling you all about the region and the best and most beautiful trails. Right opposite the hotel there is a bike hire and bike shop where experts can take a close look at your bike, if you want. In the test centre, you have the chance of testing the newest bikes, and buying them of course if you like! There is another bike workshop right next to the hotel too.

When mountain biking, the following rule applies: if bike and rider return from a tour completely covered in mud, then that is true biking! That’s no problem in the CUBE hotel: a washing machine and tumble dryer are available. The CUBE hotel also offers a laundry service for bike gear, and there is a special washing area for your bike.

If you want to rest after a long bike tour, then that’s no problem: you can relax in our Relax Area with sauna, steam bath, Alpha loungers, massages etc.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tour biker, we of course offer courses in technique, and tours for different abilities. What’s important here are the expert and trained staff, first-class equipment, and biking fun.

Those are just some of the features of the CUBE hotel, but to experience it properly, you simply have to come and stay here!

Welcome to bikers’ heaven. Welcome to CUBE.

Bike tours in the area around the hotel

Mountain bike tours are the focus of any biking holiday. Mountain bikers who take part in the guided bike tours can be sure of safety, expertise, and a great experience with our trained guides. Mountain bikers who prefer not to join the guided bike tours will benefit from insider tips from the locals, the detailed maps, and above all the GPS bike tours.

You will find a selection of 5 mountain bike tours here.

GPS tours are a great help for orientation off-road. Select your personal tour programme from one of the largest selections in the Alps.

Simply download the GPS tour that you want, of the appropriate level of difficulty - easy, moderate, or difficult - and then begin your mountain bike tour on your own steam.

You will find a selection of 5 mountain bike tours here and there are further tours available at the hotel.

Bike tour descriptions are only available in German - we are sorry.

Tested quality

Other bike services in the hotel

  • Ramps in the hotel - take your bike from reception right into your room
  • Showroom in front of every room for secure storage of your bike
  • Guided tours with the mountain bike guide Gerfried Gaugelhofer 
  • MTB centre with test centre right at the hotel - daily open!
  • Free cable car bike transport

Bike & Sports

  • Fitness area with modern equipment
  • Weekly programme - programme with the hotel's own sport coordinator
  • CUBE Active - Fun sports like monster scooters, mountain karting etc.

Bike & Bathing

  • Bathing lake right by the hotel

Bike & More

  • Unconventional architecture and urban design in an alpine setting
  • Relax Area: sauna, steam bath, quiet rest area
  • Numerous indoor activities


These deals for bikers are offered by CUBE SAVOGNIN

Culinary deal for bikers

  • Half-board, including breakfast buffet until 15:00, self-service restaurant
  • CUBE barbecue
  • 24-hour bar, drinks and warm snacks round-the-clock
  • Energy pack and fruit to take with you
  • Barbecue evenings and more

Special traveldeals for bikers

Price per person per night

  • In a double room with half-board

from € 95,00

Prices given are in Euros as at Oct. 2014: The current rate of exchange at the time of paying will apply.

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MTB Package Small

  • 2 nights with half-board
  • 3 days lift-pass
  • 1 bike-map
  • 1 drinking-bottle
  • 1 x energy-package
Price per person in a double room:
from € 286,60 

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MTB Package Medium

  • 3 nights with half-board
  • 4 days lift-pass
  • 1 guided tour
  • 1 bike-map
  • 1 drinking-bottle
  • 3 x energy-package
  • 1/2 day "rolling" with fun-sport tools
  • 1 laundry service for the bike-clothes
Price per person in a double room:
from € 508,20

Other prices on request. Prices are in euros as at October 2014.
Current conversion rates at the time of paying will apply.

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MTB Package Large

  • 5 nights with half-board
  • 6 days lift-pass
  • 2 guided tours
  • 1 bike-map
  • 1 drinking-bottle
  • 5 x energy-package
  • 1 day "rolling" with fun-sport tools
  • 4 x laundry service for the bike-clothes
Price per person in a double room:
from € 856,60

Other prices on request. Prices are in euros as at October 2014.
Current conversion rates at the time of paying will apply.

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Bike hotel in Savognin
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Cube Savignon
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