Bike centres in Austria, and Italy

Experience, safety, and expertise

The standards of a “Mountain Bike Holidays" bike tour base themselves on experience, safety, and expertise. Guided tours then become more than just an accompanied day trip. There are 5 bike centres in the Alps that meet the quality standards and are partners of “Mountain Bike Holidays". They work closely with the hotels, and inform and advise guests in all subject to do with biking.

Guided tours and technical training are the main programme offered at all centres. In addition, individual “specials" are offered. These are provided as extras in each individual bike centre.

Bike centres

A special association was established, controlling and running the further training and development of bike guides. A professional can therefore only be someone who constantly receives further training and undergoes assessment.

This is also necessary as the demands rise each year. More and more hobby bikers in the expert category are making use of the services of bike guides. Marathon preparation, tricks for single trails, technical training, ramps, and high alpine tours all appear on the programme, demanding plenty from the bike guides. At the other end of the scale, more and more beginners are entering the sport of mountain biking. Fascinated by stories and reports in the media, they understandably want to be initiated quickly into the art of mountain biking. They likewise deserve the best bike guides.